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Alternative to teaching on
Zoom or Facetime
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Rebecca Featherstone

President and CEO


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Octane Seating


Contact:  Joni Croce

"I am working with Octane Seating to share a free resource for learning and teaching music remotely. Due to lockdowns and school closures during the pandemic, virtual learning was embraced by large populations and doesn’t appear to be leaving any time soon. One of the greatest joys of playing music is sharing it with others, which can be difficult to recreate in an online atmosphere. Technology has made large strides in improving the way we learn online, and that includes music! Our guide is filled with tips and resources to make learning music online as productive and enjoyable as possible. You can view it below:"

The Wide World of Music

A Guide to 100 Musical instruments

Susan emailed AKTA and shared this wonderful resource

"My name is Susan and my son Ethan absolutely loves band. Last year was his first year playing the trumpet and he is so excited that he is able to have in person music lessons this year! I love to see him pursue his passion, but with the uncertainty of the Delta variant, I'm unsure what this school year will actually look like for him. I actually sat down with Ethan over this past week because he wanted to find some cool new resources together and we came across an awesome interactive musical instrument guide! Here's the link:

Magazine and videos

Piano Magazine is the only publication devoted exclusively to piano teaching, learning and performing. A division of The Frances Clark Center for Keyboard Pedagogy, Piano Magazine is the leading source for the highest quality, curated articles on piano education at all levels. In addition to the searchable database of magazine articles, subscribers to Piano Magazine receive access to The Frances Clark Center Teacher Education Initiatives, including Inspiring ArtistryTimeless Teaching VideosWebinars, the Facebook group Piano Teach Learn, and additional Teacher Education Resources. The official name of Clavier Companion magazine was changed to Piano Magazine in 2019.

Some videos are free.  A subscription to the magazine offers a large amount of instuctional videos. 

National Piano Foundation will link you to all kinds of teaching resources

For more information search for National Piano Foundation.

It is a membership only site.

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Topmusic company offers some free videos and is also a subscription based site.  Lots of information here.


Manage Your Music Students


With Tonara, you can spend more time doing what you love most, teaching music! ‘Tonara Studio’ is a comprehensive music education platform that is here to help you with the management of your music lessons studio or school, all the while keeping your students engaged and motivated.

Piano TV

A large array of teaching courses.  Introductory free offers and individual courses at various prices.

YouTube Teacher Videos 

Josh Wright

Piano TV

"Your guide to mastery"




Lots of free instructional videos and many teaching videos for a fee.

Pianist Magazine

from the UK

For the passionate players, or early beginners, Pianist magazine will teach you the art of piano playing through professional advice, sheet music and lessons for all levels. Your piano playing journey starts here with the magazine that doubles as an entertaining read and the ultimate interactive piano teacher.

Graham Fitch is a great lecturer with lots of different topics.

Paul Barton

Paul Barton is a pianist from Yorkshire who traded the dales and concert halls for the jungles of Thailand, where he performs for blind and handicapped elephants. Check out the link to his YouTube channel, where Paul plays Debussy's Clair de Lune for an 80-year-old blind elephant.

His channel also has numerous lessons on many topics and pieces.

Golandsky Institute

Not-for-profit organization


The Golandsky Institute is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the Taubman Approach to piano playing. Led by Edna Golandsky, Artistic Director, the Institute holds an annual symposium at Princeton University and hosts workshops and master classes worldwide.  Some videos are free and others are offered for a fee.

Resources recommended by MTNA - Many more free workshops at MTNA

Performer-Based Website

From The Top

The From The Top website is designed for young classical musicians. This clever website has: The Green Room, Hall of Fame, Answer Zone, Student Lounge, a Reference Room and an area for parents and teachers. Partnered with the highly successful From The Top radio program, this site offers the more serious young musicians an opportunity to hear from others like them and benefit from socialization of sorts with others like themselves.


JazzKids was created for children of all ages. The website offers teachers, parents and even the youngest students the opportunity to be introduced to jazz. The interactive audio, video and curriculum are not intended to replace a teacher!

Symphony-Based Website

San Francisco Symphony Kids

This very animated and fun website introduces kids to the orchestra but also has sections on theory basics and composers.

Music Game/Theory/History/Listening

Fun brain

Funbrain offers games on composers, instruments, reading and vocabulary.

Data Dragon

Learning about and listening to different instruments, reading music, musical genres and links to additional sites are the features of this site.

Read More >


This is a great site for music theory.


This site is just what it says—for first- through twelfth-graders. You also can use this site to search for more related sites.

A to Z Kids Stuff

"Name That Tune," a link to the American Symphony Orchestra League, Instruments, lesson plans and games all can be found on this website.


This site offers ninety-nine additional sites for music and learning.

Homework Spot

This site offers many links to quality classical music sites.

Tritone Music

Features online, interactive piano lessons that can be used in conjunction with traditional piano lessons.

Music Theory

Includes quality theory tutorials, and interactive identification and ear training drills in note reading, key signatures, intervals and triads.

Read More >

Create Music

Elementary-age students can enjoy exploring, creating and manipulating music.


Students can test their music knowledge with quizzes, matches, concentration card games and other activities.

Making fun music


Upper elementary and middle school students can enjoy manipulating and creating musical sequences.

Anvil studio

Enable students to compose from a MIDI keyboard and add voice-overs or other audio recorded through a microphone.

smart music

Access online accompaniments that function as virtual accompanists.

Read More >


This site offers ear training and theory skills.

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