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Ribbon Festival Games



Below is a list of possible games

and activities. 


Students win one ribbon per level

Tip Toe Through the Notes

Students race against the clock to find as many notes on the staff in the garden of notes on the floor. Primer to Advanced levels available. Advance level is what we call the extreme ledger lines!!


Students win one ribbon per game

Musical Symbol Hunt (New)

Students walk through a maze of musical symbols attaching the correct name to each one, trying to beat the clock.

Games Musical Scrambled Eggs.JPG

Students win one ribbon per game

Music Scramble (New)

Students arrange the egg full of measures into a song.  There are three levels available.

Rhythm Nerf Gun


Students win one ribbon per level

Students play the rhythm on the given cards starting at the level that is appropriate for their skill level. For every card that’s clapped or drummed accurately, a student receives one nerf bullet to use for the targets. If all targets are knocked down, students may receive one bonus ribbon. After the completion of one level, students may repeat the process at the next level. 

Name that Song (New)


Students win one ribbon per level

Students chant the rhythms of the song and try to match them to their correct names.

On the I-Pad

piano maestro.jpeg

Flashnote Derby

Students win one ribbon

per level

iPad based note naming game.


Students earn ribbons through the 
games and performances

Ribbons may be exchanged for prizes at the prize table.

There is a wide variety of prizes that cost from one to fifty ribbons.

At The Keyboard

 Adjudicated Performances



Original Compositions


Students win 5 ribbons per piece.

Scale Testing


Students win one ribbon per scale performed.  Possible 30 ribbons with enharmonic scales included.

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