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 Anchorage Keyboard Teachers Association

 Virtual Ribbon Festival


Saturday, April 24, 2021

(9:00-6:00:  time may be adjusted due to enrollment)

Welcome to the Anchorage Keyboard Teachers Association’s (AKTA)

Virtual Ribbon Festival!


Rules and Guidelines 


•   Each student must submit a video of a performance of at least one piece but no more than six pieces in

     order to participate in the Festival. Deadline for video submissions is April 20, 20121.


These videos may include:

•   One solo piece

•   One student composition: Students may perform their own original composition.

•   Duets/Ensembles: Teams of two or more performers, including at least one pianist (piano 4- or 6-   

     hands, or piano with one or more other instrument(s)/voice). Each team may play no more than two


•   Students should perform duets with other students rather than their teachers. If necessary, a teacher

     may play with their primer level students only.

•   All solo music is to be memorized. Adjudicators will only comment on a performance if complete     

     music is provided, and solos and solo compositions are memorized.

•   Students who perform their own compositions must provide the adjudicator with either a hand written       or a typeset copy of the music.

•   A separate original score from each duet team, ensemble, or soloist must be provided for the

     adjudicator. Please have measures numbered. A copied page may be attached to a legal edition of the            music to facilitate a page turn.

•   When submitting repertoire, you will be asked to give the approximate level of the piece. 


•   The adjudicator comments will be available to teachers at the conclusion of the Festival.


Student performers may participate in scale testing and theory games throughout the Festival.  Scales are to be pre-recorded videos, also due April 10, 20201 and may include up to 15 major and 15 harmonic minor scales at their level (5-note, 1 octave, or 2+ octaves, or a combination of two consecutive scale levels with standard fingering). 



Each student will receive five ribbons for each piece performed. Students receive one ribbon for each completed scale, and each game level they complete. There are 3 levels of difficulty for each of the following – flashcards, notes, key signatures, and music terms. 


Teacher Involvement:

•   Teachers entering 1-2 students are required to be present and to help with the Festival for one to two


•   Teachers entering 3 or more students are required to be present and help with the Festival for the

     entire day (9:00 a.m. to no later than 6:00 p.m.). This is necessary in order to assure optimal

     student/teacher ratios and create an exciting educational experience for all involved.

•   Due to the need for teachers to assist with games, etc., it is likely teachers will not be available to listen       to their student’s performances.



•   This year's Festival is open to only paid AKTA Members

•   Registration fees are $15 per student.

•   There is no fee for parents to perform duets with their own children.

•   Teachers complete entry forms, providing one payment for all entry fees required.

•   Be sure to put student solos and compositions on the Solo/Composition Form and student

     duets/ensembles on the Ensemble Form.

•   Please indicate approximate performance times. Suggested maximum time is 5 minutes per piece.

•   All applications must be received or postmarked by Saturday, March 20, 2021
•   Register online 

•   When your registration is received, you will receive an invoice that may be paid by check or Pay-Pal

•   If you choose to register by mail, contact Dean Epperson for a hard copy of the required forms.



Dean Epperson – 6901 Round Tree Dr. Anchorage, AK 99507
email: deanepperson8@gmail.com -  cell/message: 907-444-8946