AKTA Ribbon Festival


AKTA Piano Solo and Ensemble Ribbon Festival 

2023 Ribbon Festival

April 15, 2023

St. John United Methodist Church

Registration Deadline TBA


The AKTA board has decided to proceed with the Ribbon Festival.  Along with some other precautions, there will be a mask mandate for all entering the church. Also make a note of the new registration deadline.

Hopefully, we can have a safe and fun filled festival this year.

About the Ribbon Festival:

Students earn ribbons by performing

Piano Solos

Piano Duets or Trios (one piano)

Accompany another instrument

Perform an original composition


Earn even more Ribbons by participating in


Music Theory Bingo Games

Scale Testing 

Flash cards for all levels and ages

(notes, music vocabulary, and key signatures)


Students can exchange the ribbons they earn for prizes or keep them all!!


Best of All….

Lots of Fun!

Direct your questions by email to: